Business and Economic Development Division

We support, expedite and connect.

Welcome to the Division of Business and Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich. We are the point of contact for:

  • Companies interested in relocating, from Switzerland or abroad.
  • Resident companies requiring assistance from the cantonal administration or from several administrative units (e.g. relocation).
  • Organisations and associations acting on behalf of companies in the Zurich area.
  • Individuals who would like to found a company.

Our Services


We support companies interested in moving to Zurich

Supporting resident firms

We support resident companies and organisations with projects that require the assistance of the cantonal administration. We also answer questions concerning Zurich as a business location. A one-stop-shop-service is available for more complex projects with several different administrative offices involved

Cluster activities

Strengthening of forward-looking economic sectors and promotion of networking of companies and institutions

Regulatory affairs

Implementation of the Administrative Relief Act and advice on the subject of permits

Work permits

Screening and processing of applications of foreign nationals

We see our role as door openers to helpful points of contact across all services.